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Logan County youth and families are fortunate to have access to a wide variety of programs and services.
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YouthLink helps youth and families find their TEAM for success. Friends, family, community members, and professional agency members work together to reach family goals.

TEAM Meetings were developed through a collaborative process with agencies participating in the Logan County Interagency Oversight Group for Collaborative Management (YouthLink).

The purpose of a TEAM meeting is to engage youth and families together with support people and professional service providers in a structured meeting led by a trained facilitator where decisions are made and goals are set related to school attendance, disruptive behaviors, service coordination, basic family needs, compliance with juvenile justice terms and conditions, substance use, or goal-setting for life in general.

Why have a TEAM Meeting?

By utilizing TEAM Meetings, families have the opportunity to see an increase in the quality, appropriateness and effectiveness of services by participating in a collaborative process.

Concerns that may prompt a TEAM Meeting request include, but are not limited to:


  • Multi-agency involvement

  • School attendance/Truancy

  • Grades 

  • Uncooperative or disrespectful behavior at home or at school

  • Substance abuse: drugs/alcohol/smoking/vaping 

  • Anger 

  • Anxiety/Depression/Suicidal Thoughts

  • Bullying 

  • Friends - lack of, or negative influence of

  • Family conflict

  • Trauma 

  • Recent change in lifestyle

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Youth who qualify for service through the State of Colorado's Collaborative Management Program and need assistance achieving a school related goal may be eligible to receive aid through YouthLink’s flexible spending policy. Student goals may vary, but must be related to school success. 

Examples of the types of financial assistance YouthLink may offer to help with, as it relates to a student's goal, include transportation costs, activity fees, providing equipment to participate in a sport or activity, paying tuition for special classes, purchasing school clothes or school supplies, funding for incentives or rewards for students, etc.


All students who participate in TEAM Up for Success must have an identified goal coach who assists and documents the student's school-related goal(s). The coach and student will work together toward success with the goal, and will have access to goal coaching tools and resources sponsored by YouthLink.

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